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Hand Crafted Woodwork Designed by Dave Koop.

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Charcuterie Board

About Us

“Rugged Epoxy Works” offers an array of charcuterie boards, clocks, and other wood products. Using a combination of wood grains and complimentary colours of epoxy, these products visually delight the senses while offering a useful purpose.

Dave Koop is a machine operator who grew up in Hope and now resides in Lillooet. Beautiful art crafted from wood is part of his heritage. He watched his dad create clocks, crib boards, and tables. Dave has appreciated the beauty of the surrounding timber while becoming intrigued by the wood grain patterns developed by scars or burls on forest trees. After becoming interested in Epoxy resin art, it sparked creations of collaborated wood and epoxy.


Imagine your serving tray as a black sand beach with a piece of black walnut wood. Perhaps golden Oak and mellow tones of amber epoxy interest you. A red cedar beer sampler may catch your eye. Charcuterie boards, wine holders with recessed hollows, enticing beer trays, a clock made from swirls of Birdseye Maple has Swarovski crystals marking off the hours. These and many more items are available as displayed in his art gallery.

Have a custom idea in mind?

Let us know about any ideas that you would be interested in. We could create a unique work of art especially for you, or as a gift for a loved one.

Photo Gallery

Please take a look at the following beautiful works of Art, hand crafted by Dave Koop.

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Birdseye Maple Clock


36” Birdseye Maple Burl Table
with Birdseye Maple Stand


Red Cedar Burl Clock
8-10 Inches


Product Design 4


36” Birdseye Maple
Burl Table Top


Black Walnut
Charcuterie Serving Board
with a Silver Pearl Tint

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